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Peysazhna alleya - Landscape alley in Kiev

Landscape alley in KievEveryone knows that better city than Kiev, you can hardly even find in Ukraine. Beautiful natural scenery, amazing architecture, historic sites, centuries-old history, the mass of majestic temples, a large number of parks and gardens and have a lot of interesting draws attention not only guests of the city, but also of the people of Kiev, who have already met many times with this beauty. This suggests that Kiev is truly unique and extraordinary city, attracting thousands and thousands of fans of something beautiful and extremely exciting.

Probably every tourist who has just arrived in Kiev, hurts the same question - "Where to go in order to get an incredible pleasure?" This is quite normal, as this city does have something to show. One of the most popular attractions, which we will talk today, is a unique "Landscape alley."

At the present time, this place is very popular, as the guests of Kiev and of the local population. This mall has a fabulous magic and incredibly positive atmosphere, as it responds to almost every visitor. Many indigenous inhabitants of Kiev at the time of a bad mood or depression specially come here to unwind a little bit and improve its internal state.Landscape alley in Kiev Rabbit

To visit this landmark of the capital, you need to come up with a rather noisy Bolshaya Zhitomirskaya, and go to the direction of tracts Gonchara, Degtyar and Kozhemyaka. Then Enjoy a scenic view, from which you will be just crazy (of course, in a good way). A huge number of people of Kiev love to spend time on a quiet hill Poskotinke where two hundred years ago to graze cattle.

Landscape alley was built sometime in the 1980s, a project that has made a very capable architect Abraham Miletskii. Walkway runs along the lines of defense structures fifth-eighth centuries. The purpose of the Landscape alley is an overview of the River Dnieper travelers and hem from the height of the Upper Town (historical).

This attraction was to be part of a set of architectural and historical reserve, which would be called "Ancient Kiev". This reserve should consist of areas of historic castles, which previously accounted for Kiev. The authors would like to organize Historical Museum, the Archaeological Museum in the open space, the reconstruction of the ancient streets of the capital - Andrew's descent, the Museum of folk crafts and urban nineteenth century, the building and the museum of the Institute of Archaeology of the USSR, and more. But unfortunately a very big, out of all the huge project was able to realize only a Landscape alley. But, despite this, this landmark Kiev greatly affects their guests untold species are perfectly open with it.

In 2009, the avenue has been designed and implemented in reality children's park with huge cats and benches. Here were installed fountains in the form of zebra and elephants. Also, the mosaic was presented tridtsatimetrovoy cat centipedes, built benches as crows, cats and rabbits. Landscaping of the park, where he once was a vacant lot, carefully studied the famous sculptor Constantin Skretutsky, who is very pleased all the younger people of our country.

In short, if you've rent daily apartment in Kiev and still have not decided where to go and what to do in this incredibly beautiful city, the Landscape alley - will always be at your service. Here you will get so many positive emotions that you will miss them almost for life.