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Daily rental apartments in Lviv

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Apartments in Lviv - Lviv rent apartments from owners

Lviv is one of most beautiful and oldest cities in Ukraine and every day this beautiful city visited by hundreds of guests. Than you can think where to stay in Lviv? Only a few options are available - rent daily apartment in Lvov or rent room in hotel.
Really most popular to stay in Lviv it is to rent apartment for day. For example, if you rent apartment in Lviv for few days, you do not have to pay for each person living in it like in hotels. You can rent studio apartment in Lviv, and five-rooms apartment and bring whole family to this beautiful city.
Secondly, having arrived for few days in Lviv and rented apartment you will stay like at your own home. In apartment are available home appliances, wireless internet, private kitchen.
Apartments, which are presented on portal are situated in city center Lviv and near the major attractions.
Rent apartment in Lviv for day - great opportunity when you travel for business trip or just for vacation in most beautiful city in Ukraine Lviv.