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Peysazhna alleya - Landscape alley in Kiev

Landscape alley in KievEveryone knows that better city than Kiev, you can hardly even find in Ukraine. Beautiful natural scenery, amazing architecture, historic sites, centuries-old history, the mass of majestic temples, a large number of parks and gardens and have a lot of interesting draws attention not only guests of the city, but also of the people of Kiev, who have already met many times with this beauty. This suggests that Kiev is truly unique and extraordinary city, attracting thousands and thousands of fans of something beautiful and extremely exciting.

Probably every tourist who has just arrived in Kiev, hurts the same question - "Where to go in order to get an incredible pleasure?" This is quite normal, as this city does have something to show. One of the most popular attractions, which we will talk today, is a unique "Landscape alley."

At the present time, this place is very popular, as the guests of Kiev and of the local population. This mall has a fabulous magic and incredibly positive atmosphere, as it responds to almost every visitor. Many indigenous inhabitants of Kiev at the time of a bad mood or depression specially come here to unwind a little bit and improve its internal state.Landscape alley in Kiev Rabbit

To visit this landmark of the capital, you need to come up with a rather noisy Bolshaya Zhitomirskaya, and go to the direction of tracts Gonchara, Degtyar and Kozhemyaka. Then Enjoy a scenic view, from which you will be just crazy (of course, in a good way). A huge number of people of Kiev love to spend time on a quiet hill Poskotinke where two hundred years ago to graze cattle.

Landscape alley was built sometime in the 1980s, a project that has made a very capable architect Abraham Miletskii. Walkway runs along the lines of defense structures fifth-eighth centuries. The purpose of the Landscape alley is an overview of the River Dnieper travelers and hem from the height of the Upper Town (historical).

This attraction was to be part of a set of architectural and historical reserve, which would be called "Ancient Kiev". This reserve should consist of areas of historic castles, which previously accounted for Kiev. The authors would like to organize Historical Museum, the Archaeological Museum in the open space, the reconstruction of the ancient streets of the capital - Andrew's descent, the Museum of folk crafts and urban nineteenth century, the building and the museum of the Institute of Archaeology of the USSR, and more. But unfortunately a very big, out of all the huge project was able to realize only a Landscape alley. But, despite this, this landmark Kiev greatly affects their guests untold species are perfectly open with it.

In 2009, the avenue has been designed and implemented in reality children's park with huge cats and benches. Here were installed fountains in the form of zebra and elephants. Also, the mosaic was presented tridtsatimetrovoy cat centipedes, built benches as crows, cats and rabbits. Landscaping of the park, where he once was a vacant lot, carefully studied the famous sculptor Constantin Skretutsky, who is very pleased all the younger people of our country.

In short, if you've rent daily apartment in Kiev and still have not decided where to go and what to do in this incredibly beautiful city, the Landscape alley - will always be at your service. Here you will get so many positive emotions that you will miss them almost for life.

Information about the city of Chernivtsi, Ukraine

Ukrainian city of Chernivtsi, Ukraine, organized by Focus magazine at the beginning of the list was the selection of the most livable city. In fact, with more than Çernovt'si deserve this ranking are warm, safe and clean streets, architecture and history with people. Say that the pearl of Ukraine Chernovtsi narrow cobbled streets.Reached approximately 4.5-5 hours by car 481 km from Kiev, the city has also havalanıda. Must-see for all visitors to come on a peaceful settlement. Lvov Ukraine, you'll be feeling like Romania or Avrupa'daymış Chernivtsi small and nice place. Accommodation is very abundant option than it yine Chernovtsi'de hotels and rental apartments dairelerolabildigince olanÇernovtsi'de denoted in very diverse.

Kiev cafes and bars and restaurants than the economy literally brings the feeling of spending money on people. As the most beautiful works of architecture in Western Ukraine, where a lot of these small win bitirmemekle Vienna sightseeing trip to Ukraine. Hosts over the course of history many cultures and civilizations, Chernivtsi Turkish, Polish, Romanian, and Ukrainian cultures, combined with Austria-Hungary and Russia emerged as a result of such a civilization, in conjunction with a richness of architectural history and art, a city that enchants the eyes. Will be visiting all the historic and architectural style, built in the Drama Theatre Neobarok few of them, the Central Railway Station, Old City Hall and the Fine Arts Museum of consul, and also perhaps the most beautiful building in Ukraine, which is the most exclusive Roman-Byzantine architectural masterpiece Hlavka style, designed by Czech architect and 20 years of construction, built in 1882.

Dalmatia and Bukovina Chernivtsi University of Metropolis, and today's campus was built as a residence outside of the structure is decorated with motifs of Ukrainian Folklore, symbols seen, the building is considered one of UNESCO's world cultural heritages. Fall of the Ottoman Sultans, Young Osman defeated the same way, a separate feature Hotin Castle is considered to be seen.

Kazantip 2012

In KaZantip you can sleep in accommodations near the lake, meet a huge number of people and dance all night till dawn.

It is an amazingly beautiful place with individual design of dancefloors, one of which is situated on the water, where you can get through a bridge.
KaZantip is a wonderful place for fans of sports: every day on the beach you can play volleyball, basketball, frisbee, twister and other.
On Thursdays, pairs can "get married" in KaZantip! The ceremony full of fun and joy is be held and after that the pairs gets a marriage certificate and a label on their "multipass".
If you would like to experience such an entertaining event as a wedding in Kazantip, we recommend you to follow announcements, to know when and where you will be able to reserve a date.
In KaZantip you can sleep in accommodations near the lake, meet a huge number of people and dance all night till dawn.
It is an amazingly beautiful place with individual design of dancefloors, one of which is situated on the water, where you can get through a bridge.
On various dancefloors you can enjoy different kinds of music (but always of the best quality) — Trance, DnB, Minimal Techno, Lounge and other.
Music, parties and sea at KaZantip will make your stay unforgettable.
KaZantip is held from the 20th of July to the 26th of August 2012.
It is located in the south of Portugal, near Alqueva, not far from Beja, in a private resort.

The Constitution of the Kazantip Party Land is the supreme law of Kazantip required to be read (at least once) by all citiZens of the Republic

Article One

The kaZantip party land has borders but doesn't has its own territory; it is a state which can easily be moved in space from time to time. The capital of the kaZantip party land can be any inhabited place which, sometimes to its own surprise, has found itself near the kaZantip party land.

Article Two

The kaZantip party land is a democratic state with a leading queen represented by a beauty who gets elected during the festival time every week.

Article Three

The executive and the legislative powers of the kaZantip party land are carried out by the cabinet of ministers which consists of the most dignified representatives of different kinds of activity.

Article Four

The kaZantip party land citizens who don't know by sight the members of the kaZantip government may fail to recognize them on meeting and express their great thanks.

Article Five

The kaZantip party land is a society of dream and its policy is aimed at the rise of the level of dreaminess of its citizens, at the creation of good atmosphere to make the dreams come true and the rise of belief of citizens in the reality of the unreal.

Article Six

Inalienable constitutional rights of every citizen of the kaZantip party land are his constitutional responsibilities: to look for happiness, to find happiness, to fly because of happiness, to believe in the unreal and to believe in miracles. The people who don't comply with these rights and responsibilities are claimed UNHAPPY, it's only their fault and it's worse for themselves.

Article Seven

The beach, sea or lake, sun, sky, palms and ladies of unearthly beauty are protected by the government and are used by the great nation as the main happiness extractive recourses.

Four-day vacation for Day of Constitution of Ukraine

ukraineIn Ukraine, Constitution Day this year falls on Thursday June 28 2012., On this occasion it was decided to make vacation days for June 28-29, 2012. (Thursday-Friday) and weekend June 30-July 1, 2012. (Saturday-Sunday).

Thats why total vacation will be 4 days.

Work day rescheduled for June 29 On July 7 2012. (Saturday).

Ukraine hosts guests for EURO2012

With start of football championship Euro-2012 in Ukraine are coming every day 300,000 tourists during the same period previous year this number was 200-210 thousand tourists each day. This was announced by Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Infrastructure Borys Kolesnikov at press conference in Kiev on June 12.

In all airports after first period of Euro-2012, increased number of applications to receive charter flights.

It is also significant factor that number of tourists has been increasing that every day is crossing Ukrainian border 55-60 thousand cars per day.

Note:football championship Euro 2012 take place in two countries Ukraine and Poland. In Ukraine football matches are take place in following cities: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Donetsk and Lviv.

At Independence Square and Khreshatik in Kiev will be Fanzone EURO2012, this area will be fence round with 2 metres inclosure

Fan zone will be open daily from 12.00 to 01.00 until July 2, and all matches of championship can watch at big screens.

On the territory of fan zone will be prohibited selling alcoholic beverages and cigarettes. Allow only beer in plastic. But you can go to toilet all catering free of charge. Also in center of the city will install 200 mobile toilets.

From May 28 to July 7, will be blocked Kreshatik. Prohibit parking cars on the streets of Bohdan Khmelnytsky (from Downtown to Pushkin) and in same area street Prorizna. Temporarily prohibit parking on street Architect Gorodetsky (from the street. Zankovetska to Downtown).

Signs that allow parking in these areas, will lay covers. Sidewalk running along fan zone and adjacent to Kiev administration will be closed for period championship - it will be open only for organizers of fan zones. Will be closed down subways of Independence Square and Downtown.

In days without football matchs on stage fan zones will be performing stars of Russian and Ukrainian show business. During day guests will be entertained by mini-football, body art, flashmob, interactive virtual reality.In closing day of championship is scheduled fireworks and light show.

Fan Zone will protect the fence height of 2.2 m, but entrance to territory will be free. Only during the stay in the vip-area will have to pay around 100-200 euros per day. Price depends on the program and in days of concerts and key matches will begin higher. Selling tickets will begin before two weeks at box office of city. In vip-area will be restaurant, part of menu which will be free.

Ukraine and Turkey without visa and obligatory insurance

Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and Government of Turkey signed agreement to cancel visa, during official visit of President Viktor Yanukovych in Ankara.

Visa-free regime will begin in May 2012, comments Ukraine's ambassador in Turkey, Sergei Korsun. Now you will need visa to Turkey, but to get it simply arrive, give your passport and pay 30 dollars or 20 euros. By the way, Turkey every year, takes about half a million tourists from Ukraine.

Under the new agreement will be valid visa free entry, exit, transit and residence of citizens of Turkey in Ukraine, as well as citizens of Ukraine - in Turkey. The main condition - period of continuous residence in another state should not be longer than 30 days from the date of entry. And besides, only citizen of country must not be more than 90 days from the period of 180 days, approximately three months from six months.

Daily rental apartment for EURO 2012

Which is better - to rentsmall room in hotel or spacious apartment?

rent apartments Kiev for Euro 2012

Daily rental apartment in Kiev

Apartment for rent in Kiev
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What is apart-hotel?

Апарт-отель (или апартамент отель) – одна из новейших тенденций в гостиничном бизнесе, которая предлагает комфортные гостиничные номера в виде апартаментов. Сначала этот вид гостиничного бизнеса был распространен на пляжных курортах. Сейчас такие апарт-отели встречаются и в мегаполисах, так как предоставляют возможность довольно недорого и с комфортом переночевать или пожить путешественнику.

Ранее основными клиентами апарт-отелей являлись семьи с детьми. Так как удобство апартаментов намного выше, нежели в простых гостиничных номерах. Как правило, в апарт-отелях есть кухня для самостоятельного приготовления пищи. Девиз апарт-отелей: лучше жить, нежели останавливаться.

Апарт-отели выгодно отличаются от гостиниц тем, что предлагают нестандартные варианты для проживания: здесь можно пожить как одному человеку, семье с детьми, так и целой группе людей.

Чем же отличаются апарт-отели от аренды квартиры посуточно? А именно тем, что имеют схожесть с гостиницей. Во-первых, в апартотелях используется традиционная для обычных отелей схема бронирования номеров. Клиент всегда может заказать апартаменты, просто позвонив на ресепшн. Во-вторых постоялец апарт-отеля может получить расчет и заехать в любое удобное для него время.

Среди известных мировых брендов, которые предоставляют услуги апартотелей: французская сеть MaMaison (которая имеет свое представительство в России под названием MaMaison Pokrovka 5*); Senator Apartments City Center (представлен в Украине и странах СНГ); ТМ Staybridge Suites от гостиничной корпорации InterContinental Group, сеть апарт-отелей Adagio от Accor.