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Rules of publication apartments for rent on site LX.UA

1. Apartments on site can add only owners or representatives of owners who do not charge additional fees from tenant.

2. When you add apartments is required to fill all data. Pay attention to completing description of your apartment: describe in detail characteristics of apartments - interior, infrastructure, characteristics of house (floor, security, parking), additional services (Internet Wifi or wired, cable or satellite television), availability of household appliances and etc.

3. Accepted for publication apartments only with real photos, and size of photos should not be too small. Optimum size image 800 x 600 pixels.

4. Duplication of apartments are not permitted. Apartments will be published once, you can edit description, price in user panel.

5. Is required to fill calendar employment of apartments.

6. If prices of apartments varies throughout the year depending on season - make these changes in tariff scale of each apartment.

7. After receiving request for reservation of apartments owner must answer to client within 24 hours after receiving.

8. Do not add to description of apartment open and hidden links to personal pages and sites, as well as add photos with site logo.